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Another round of cold wave will hit Gujarat: bone-chilling cold from Ahmedabad to Saurashtra..

The Meteorological Department has again made a big prediction about the severe cold in Gujarat, the cold will increase in the state from January 25 to 27. Hard freezing cold may fall..

It is getting bitterly cold in Gujarat, the temperature is also fluctuating due to frequent changes in the direction of the wind in the state, now the Meteorological Department has given another news that increases the tension. Be done it can be cold.

A new round of cold weather is expected to begin.

According to the Meteorological Department, a new round of cold weather is also expected to start in the state from January 25 so that this winter season will last longer, severe cold will be felt during the morning and night but the temperature is likely to remain high during the day..

નાકમાંથી નીકળતું પાણી, શરદી નો ઘરેલુ ઉપાય

Cold winds will blow in this zone.

During this period, cold winds are likely to blow in the areas of Saurashtra, Kutch, North Gujarat, Central Gujarat, South Gujarat areas are also likely to experience cold winds, and coastal areas are also likely to experience cold winds. The maximum temperature in Gujarat is expected to be 30 degrees Celsius..

A Weston Disturbance will result in heavy snow showers.

It is worth mentioning here that due to Weston Disturbances coming one after the other in the northern mountainous areas of the country, there will be heavy snowfall so that the snowy cold may also be experienced in February, experts have said..

Reports of fevers and viral infections rose sharply.

In Ahmedabad winter fever viral infection cases have increased Diarrhea Vomiting and typhoid cases have surged Over 10,000 500 fever cold and cough cases have been reported in urban health centers in the last one week Private hospitals are also reporting nearly double the number of fever cold and cough cases. There is an increase in waterborne diseases this year compared to last year.

People should drink warm water : Dr. Bhavin Solanki.

Dr. Bhavin Solanki, in-charge head of health department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, said that people should drink warm water during the winter season, if symptoms of cold, cough and fever are noticed, they can seek treatment at the nearest urban health center..

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