Government’s big announcement: Time limit for linking Aadhaar card and election card extended by one year, know complete details of linking.

Aadhaar card and election card link: Currently many people are rushing to link PAN card and Aadhaar card, the government has made an important announcement, the time limit for linking election card with Aadhaar card has been increased by one year. Election card is also a very important document, and it is very important to … Read more

આધાર કાર્ડ લગત તમામ માહિતી એક ક્લિકમાં જાણો

આધાર કાર્ડ લગત તમામ માહિતી એક ક્લિકમાં જાણો: હાલ આવા પહેલા વિભાગે આધાર કાર્ડ અને પાનકાર્ડને લિંક કરવાનું ફરજિયાત બનાવ્યું છે, જેની છેલ્લી તારીખ 30 જૂન 2023 છે. ત્યાં સુધીમાં જે લોકોના પાનકાર્ડ આધારકાર્ડ સાથે લીંક થયેલ નહીં હોય તે તમામના પાનકાર્ડ ડીએક્ટિવેટ થઈ જશે અને પાનકાર્ડ લગત તમામ કામગીરી બંધ થઈ જશે, અને જરૂરિયાત … Read more

Amend Aadhaar Card online.

Amend Aadhaar Card online. Amending Aadhaar Card: Now all people can make five amendments online in Aadhaar Card Change online address in Aadhaar Card Change Language of Aadhaar Card Amend Name in Aadhaar Card Change Date of Birth in Aadhaar Card Change Gender in Aadhaar Card These five amendments can be done at home through … Read more

Amend Aadhaar Card at home

Amend Aadhaar Card at home We know that Aadhaar card is an important document for all of you, the government of India has created its own Aadhaar card for every Indian citizen, Aadhaar card for every person from small children to old age and by organizing camps as a campaign every citizen Aadhaar card has … Read more