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અદભુત ટેકનોલોજી નો કમાલ.

Some of the many heritage places worth visiting in Gujarat have been given information about them in detail and feel like you have been there sitting at home.
1. Things to know about Rani Ni Vav.
The queen of Patan built this wav seven stories below the ground in memory of her king, this wav prepared with small carvings is a reminder of the queen’s love for her king, this wav word heritage in Patan, Gujarat Located in the location, Amitabh Bachchan shot at this site during Gujarat tourism trip and praised its magnificence, everyone of this heritage of Gujarat deserves to visit and see its beauty and amazing carvings, here is a 360 degree video.
Everyone should watch this video and see the beauty of Vav sitting at home, as you rotate the mobile screen with your finger, you can see every scene of Vav according to your desire. Show your children the same.
At present, many new information is known to be seen which is unimaginable, in which 3D technology and many other new zooming websites are seen now, which if shown to children, they would be happy, the information of one such zooming website is placed here. No matter how much you zoom, it will never end and the clarity of the site becomes more and more clear and amazing technology, many such facilities are found in your mobile in which the world is at home in any city or thousands of kilometers from you. Seeing it from far away through 360 degree zooming technology will make you feel as if you are there in which you will feel like you have been there by seeing Eiffel Tower in Paris, Burj Khalifa Hotel in Dubai, Rani Ni Vav in Patan, Statue of Unity etc. Show this feature to your children regularly, they will have a lot of fun and if your children enjoy this new information, share it with your friends.
Amazing technology.
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