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River birds

Birds and rivers

Birds are the most abundant group in all the natural environments of our country. Rivers are an exception, though they host many species of birds. Some go there to feed or rest.


In winter the presence of waterfowl in the rivers is very evident. In the leafless trees we see these inhabitants as more abundant and usually of a larger size than in the usual good weather. Many can only be heard because the leaves protect them, making their identification rather difficult if we are not experts in singing.

Winter birds

Birds seen in the winter season are winter birds in which the corner which breeds and spends the summer in North Eastern Europe has a common winter in central countries where the climate is longer.

અહીંથી જુઓ પક્ષીઓનો વિડીયો

Great Cormorant Walla Croco Rats Cargo Whites Acorn Case Alb Common Wealgate Motashila Cineria Shiva Mechanicals White Rumped Vector Abhala etc. All the shown are the group of birds seen around the rivers in winter season Now let us know about the birds seen in summer season

Summer birds nest in riparian forests in southern Europe and Asia but migrate to southern Africa and Asia to winter Common Nighter Lactico Keep and Nect Common White-tailed Delicone African Lesser Cormorant Rostynuals Cotale Active

Eurasian Oriole Oriolas Year round resident birds etc. All above we have discussed about the birds seen in summer season now let us know about the birds seen throughout the year.

Birds seen throughout the year

The blue-throated snail finds temperatures and conditions in our latitudes that are optimal for it to live there year-round, especially in rivers and other bodies of water.

Imporatant link

કોઈપણ પક્ષી ને ટચ કરતા તેનો મધુર અવાજ સંભળાશે

problem scientists list common grill shared blackboard a eurasian snail

Common Green Woodpecker Peak Common Ginat Common Girnar Phyllos Coppers Cholibita Common Lighting Water on Blackboard

અહીંથી જુઓ જમજીર ધોધ નો ડ્રોન વ્યું

ચોમાસામાં ગિરનાર નો અદભુત નજારો

ગિરનાર રોપવે નો અદભુત નજારો

Global warming in recent decades is causing very marked changes in the structure and functioning of natural faunal systems. Identifying changes in rivers related to climate change in the specific context of Mediterranean basins is difficult because they are already highly regulated and altered by extreme abstraction and various infrastructures. Studies have shown that low flow conditions in rivers and extreme events ranging from drought to flash floods are already frequent in birds. can lead to

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