Troubled by the problem of acidity? So adopt these simple tips from today that too without any tablets.

If you are suffering from any stomach related problem like gas or acidity then here we are showing you a simple solution without any tablets you can get relief from the common condition of gas and acidity for which you need to make some changes in your lifestyle. If there is no need, let’s know … Read more

Death toll from heart attack has increased worldwide, young people are becoming the biggest victims. Learn how to avoid it.

The symptoms of heart attack are not recognized in time and due to this the chances of having a heart attack also increases. Nowadays due to stress bad life style and eating habits the cases of heart disease are increasing rapidly among all people as long as the heart continues to function properly our life … Read more

Green Turmeric is beneficial in cold cough.

It will relieve the pain of arthritis and keep the body warm in winter. Green turmeric is available in large quantities in winter. Almost everyone knows that turmeric has some health benefits, but you may not know the benefits of green turmeric in winter. Green turmeric is more beneficial than dry turmeric. Green turmeric helps … Read more

Multi Benefites of harm water

Today through this article we want to inform you about the three main vegetables that are sprayed with the highest amount of medicine and we also use them the most to avoid any side effects after consuming these vegetables. We want to show you the best solution which will be very useful for you. Among … Read more

Protects against diseases in cold season Loses weight Keeps energy going throughout the day Know about this super food.

As soon as the cold season starts, you are seeing new varieties of food and drink in the market and one of these varieties is Shakkali. Enjoys a lot.. Sweet potato, which has been used by laborers for a long time as food, has now been given the tag of a superfood in cities. Moms … Read more

Consuming these four items will be very beneficial if there is a disease of gas and acidity as well as stomach problems

 Consuming these four items will be very beneficial if there is a disease of gas and acidity as well as stomach problems. Today’s food and our busy life schedule due to which we can’t pay attention to food and eating too much of outside and very spicy oily food is the main reason why most … Read more

All in one mahiti kidney

  Along with the taste, the health is also taken care of, if it is ground and applied on the mouth, the skin will also be taken care of Green vegetables are abundant in the winter season. Now a day’s markets are full of different types of vegetables and vegetable trucks are full. The vegetables … Read more