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Now in Gandhinagar, the government has given a gift to those who drink legal Pivasa Read full news

The Gujarat government has allowed liquor to be consumed by employees and visitors working in Gift City

There is liquor ban in Gandhi’s Gujarat and there is a lot of talk about it, but now it has become a pattern that only the government that bans liquor in the state will make liquor available. Yes, this is true. Permit has been given.

In this regard, a letter in the name of Director of State Narcotics and Excise Department has gone viral on social media. According to this circular, staff officers working officially at Gift City as well as visitors officially visiting Gift City have been exempted from consumption of liquor.

It is being said that the government has taken this step to promote the business

GUJARAT INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL ATTACK CITY GIFT CITY is a hub of global financial and technology that is buzzing with economic activity with the aim of providing a global business eco system for global investor technical export as well as international and national level companies established at GIFT CITY across the entire GIFT CITY area. This decision has been taken at the highest level to change the rules of prohibition to make the diamond facility available.

According to this relaxation, all the employees and owners working in the entire Gift City will be given Liquor Access Permits through which they can consume liquor in the hotels restaurant clubs of Gift City including Wine and Diamonds. Provision is made to allow consumption in the club in the presence of permanent employees of that company.

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પીનારાઓને સરકારની Gift : હવે ગાંધીનગરમાં કાયદેસર પીવાશે દારૂ

The existing or upcoming Hotel Restaurant Club at Gift City will be able to avail itself of the facility i.e. FL3 license.

Officially employed employees of Gift City and officially visiting visitors may consume liquor in the hotel club restaurant but neither the hotel club nor the restaurant may sell bottles of liquor.

In the whole process, the Excise Department will monitor and control the importation of liquor and the liquor served by the FL3 licensed Hotel Restaurant Club located at Gift City area of ​​Gujarat State.

Throughout the process, Narcotics and Excise Department, State of Gujarat will monitor and control the import, storage and serving of liquor by FL3 licensed hotels/restaurants/clubs located in GIFT City area.

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