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Follow these five simple tips for a permanent solution to constipation today.

Today most of the people in the world suffer from the disease of constipation 60% of men and 80% of women are constipated to a lesser or greater degree but most of the patients do not admit that they are constipated they take it lightly as a common disease but constipation is a mine of many terrible diseases..

Symptoms of constipation.

Do not pass regular stools once a day.

Have to go to bed more than twice a day.

S******* has to sit for more than five minutes.

Thick very smelly hard chikas and comes with difficulty.

Adhura feels thickened.

As the body does not have enough, the head, pad, joints, legs, etc., are painful.

There will be laziness and apathy and disinterest in doing any work.

Causes of constipation.

Due to the habit of not chewing enough food.

Constipation is caused by habits such as eating at irregular times, eating in excess of energy, eating again after eating, eating without hunger, drinking water immediately on the ground, going to bed immediately after eating, etc..

Sedentary and lake-free life and excessive exposure lead to constipation.

By keeping these people natural.

By drinking less water during the day.

Eating floury dishes, fast food or high sugar content.

Having weak bowels.

Taking medicines for pain, acidity, allergy, depression etc.

Overuse of home remedies has made many people addicted to some form of caffeine, but it is very debilitating to the bowels over time..

Constipation problems can be aggravated by consumption of juicy substances.

During pregnancy, the bowels of pregnant women become more loose due to reduced bowel capacity.

Due to fever or thyroid hormone deficiency.

Dietary considerations in constipation.

Completely avoid mend dishes.

Bajri rota can be taken with ghee at times to reduce the intake in the diet..

Make habit of drinking warm water instead of cold water.

Consume more fiber rich foods like whole wheat and rice papaya apple grape and summer mango banana pear rose flower carrot tomato radish etc..


People who have to go to bed late at night and wake up late in the morning complain of constant constipation because they wake up so late that the bowels are not active enough to pass stools, so the bowels have to exert a lot of force to pass the stool. The best time is between four and six in the morning when the large intestine is most active.

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