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Electric Scooter New Model 2023Gujarat GO Green Yojana 2023

Gujarat GO Green Yojana 2023

The year 2023 is coming with new models of new bikes, scooters, cars, SUVs and many other vehicles. This year can prove to be a very fruitful year for the electric scooter segment. If you are also planning to buy a no-frills scooter like the Activa, then you should wait a bit because That many new models of electric scooters are going to be launched this year which will be able to compete with petrol scooters as well..

Let us know in this article today the new models of electric scooters..

Gujarat GO Green Yojana 2023.

Simple one.

Simple Energy, a popular company in the electric scooter segment, is set to start delivery of its One Electric Scooter this year. This electric scooter has a top speed of 105 km and can run up to 203 km on a single charge with a 4.8 kilowatt battery backup. If you look at the prices of this scooter, the attraction will be around 1 lakh 5000 ex-showroom price..

Ather energy.

Aether Energy is gearing up to launch a new version of its existing electric scooter 450X in January. This new model of Aether Energy will compete with TVS and Ola S One Air. It is to be mentioned that this model may be the affordable electric scooter. The company will launch 450 next month. X and 450 Plus are going to give more updates on time.

Gujarat GO Green Yojana 2023 gujarati mahiti

Honda Electric Scooter.

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, a very popular company in the scooter sector, has been revealed to be working on an electric scooter for the Indian market. The company is gearing up to launch a new electric scooter early this year. There will be an electric version, this model will be equipped with all the features of the modern era.

Gujarat GO Green Yojana 2023

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The LML brand is being repositioned in electric cement starting this year. The LML Star will be one of the first electric scooters to be launched by the company, a sharp and stylish e-scooter with a beefed-up front apron, LED headlamps with DRLs, digital controls and more. Design looks are given.

BMW CE 04.

BMW Moto Red India has recently launched the ce04 electric scooter model in its Joi town ement. The premium electric scooter model is highly likely to launch in India this year. The bmw ce04 is an electric scooter powered by a PMS liquid cooled electric motor. The model comes with a battery backup of 8.9 kilowatts and can run up to 130 kilometers on a single charge with a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour..

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