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પર્સ માં ક્યારેય ન રાખવી જોઈએ આ વસ્તુ નહીં તો આવકમાં થશે ઘટાડો, જાણો શું

  This item should never be kept in the purse otherwise the income will decrease, know what

According to Vastu Shastra no torn note inside the party no photo or bad paper should be kept as it reduces the income of money.

  • The mistake of not keeping these things within the year
  • Torn notes and photos can reduce income
  • Know which things are harmful to keep in your purse

Who has a lot of money? Every person dreams of having a lot of money and a house. But how many people have money but it ends in a short time. So today we will tell you about some solutions that can be done. You will never face shortage of money and Maa Lakshmi’s grace will always be on you

Such things increase negative energy 

Apart from money, we keep many things in our year, many of which are not used for a long time. According to Vastu Shastra, some of these things should be thrown away from the purse as these things increase the negative energy around.

Along with this you may have to bear losses in terms of money but there are also some things which are auspicious to keep in port.

Do not keep bad paper

 There should be no torn notes in the wallet, no photographs or bad scratches. This reduces the income but the cleaner and more organized the contents are, the better for you.

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અહીંથી જાણો સંપૂર્ણ વિગત ગુજરાતી મા

a paper photo of Lakshmi Mata in your wallet and change it from time to time so your wallet will never be empty apart from this you can also keep Shree Yantra as it is the form of Lakshmi.

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