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કામમાં હોય કે ડ્રાઈવીંગ કરતા હોય ત્યારે આ સુવિધા ખૂબ કામ લાગશે

  • Caller name announcer app :   When the call comes, the app will speak the name and number of the person who will receive the call. Caller name announcer app | Friends, in this modern era, technology is being used a lot in every little thing, the more technology, the easier and faster the work for the human race, such a technology that makes the work of human life easier. Here we have to talk about a new feature, a small application has been prepared by Google and placed on the playstore, which can be used to make the life of a person much easier and it becomes much easier with that feature, we are continuing to talk. About caller name announcer app”  .
  • This is a technology based app that has many innovative features in which this app will “Speak the caller’s name when someone calls” Yes friends now no need to take the mobile out of the pocket to see who’s calling now. This app will speak the name of the person who is calling and also the mobile number of the person who is calling, this app is a featHSAKBRMPGVZHY
  • the phone, there will be no need to take out the phone from the pocket often and your attention will not go to the mobile phone while driving, because without looking at your mobile phone, you will have realized whose call is coming, the mobile phone will speak to you and show you that you are at the moment. who is calling

This app will speak the name and number of the person whose phone will come .

  • Caller name announcer app will also identify the unknown number, this app will speak the name and number of the caller. Even if the number of the person who called you is not saved in your mobile or even if a call comes from a stranger, this app will identify it so that now you will know who is calling you without looking at the phone.
  • Caller Name Announcer app supports all operating systems 5.1 or above, this app is only 12mb in size but occupies 40 to 50 mb space after installing this app in the phone, so far this app has more than 1 crore downloads. People have already downloaded, this app is getting 4.2 start rating on google playstore.

Features of Caller name announcer app:  

  • You don’t need to look at incoming calls when you are doing some important work or driving, your mobile phone will tell you the name of the caller.
  • This app will speak the name and number of the caller without looking at the display of the mobile.
  • Even unknown mobile numbers will be identified.
  • You can turn on and off the function of this app at your time.
  • This app has the best features to store miscall, dial call and receive call as well as call back.


Friends, there is no need to remove the mobile from the pocket when someone calls, this article is written for the information of having a new feature in your mobile, through this feature, now you don’t need to look at the phone every minute while driving, this is the best feature in your mobile. Keep it handy while working or driving.

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