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Student Free Bus Pass Scheme Online Application

Bus Pass Scheme 2022: Government of Gujarat has announced the implementation of free bus pass scheme for the students, the benefits of which will be available to 12 lakh students from the start of the next new semester. In which this scheme has been started to give free bus pass to students going to school, how to get this bus pass, how to apply online, where to get it, how many documents will be required and who will get this free bus pass. Very useful information like how to benefit from the scheme etc. will be given in this article, so students should be specially told to read this article till the end.

Bus Pass Scheme 2022:  Currently many people are using gsrtc bus for daily up and down in which some office class to go to work place, some business man to go to his office, some common labor man to reach his place of business and some student to his school. This gsrtc bus is regularly used for java, here everyone can get bus pass and how to apply online is given here in detail, hope it will be useful for everyone, also a video will be given here. Through which you will know in detail how to apply for bus pass online.

How to Apply Online for Bus Pass?

Earlier, if a person wanted to get a bus pass, he could go to the bus depot, get the application form from the inquiry, fill in the required details and deposit it there to get the bus pass, but today, using modern technology, the office has stopped the rush of Java for everyone. And now any kind of work can be easily done at home through your mobile or computer, so there is no need to go to bus depot for this bus, you can apply for bus pass online at home with your smartphone or computer. . 

Following is the detailed information on how to apply online for Travel Bus Pass.

First of all you have to search the official website of Sarkarshri  www.gsrtc.com in any browser in your mobile or computer.

Now search the website of gsrtc and click on the first site of the original website in google

In which a new page will open and click on Bus Pass option.

Clicking on Bus Pass option will open the sub menu below in which click on New Bus Pass.

Now an application form will be opened in front of you in which every information with red border has to be filled compulsorily 

You have to fill all your personal information asked like your name, gender, date of birth, eighteen card number, email address, mobile number, place of residence, destination where you want to travel in bsrtc bus, occupation, job or office address etc. 

After that an online payment option will appear where you can select online payment or counter payment.

If you want to make your payment online, you can do it through net banking, debit card or credit card. 

Otherwise you have to select counter payment in which you can take a copy of the online application and pay the payment by giving this copy at the bus depot counter.

Now after selecting the payment option you have to enter your mobile number in the box.

Now you will get otp which after entering print download option below.

There, by clicking on print, you will get a print pdf of the bus pass.

If the payment is not done online, then you have to show this print at the bus depot, through which your pass can be issued, while paying, you will be given coins signed on this print.

Click here to watch a video on how to apply for bus pass online.

Watch the video given here to know the details of how to apply online for travel bus pass, hope you will find this information very useful, please share this useful information more and more. So that everyone can benefit from it.


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