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A house owner needs to take care of this before renting a house.

A house owner needs to take care of this before renting a house.

At present, new revelations are being made every day in the Shraddha murder case of Delhi, in which both Shraddha and Aftab were renting a rented house as husband and wife, which was hidden from their landlord by showing a false marriage certificate.

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At present, in big cities, when both young men and women rent a house to live together as husband and wife, it is necessary for the house owner to take care of the house renter by lying like this, otherwise it may be time to repent.

Here in this article we will tell you that it is necessary to make a rent agreement before renting a house and what things should be taken care of in the rent agreement.

What is a tenancy agreement?

While renting a house, the communication between the landlord and the tenant used to be verbal in the past, but according to the current situation, this communication has been given a written form, which is called a rental agreement.

What is the process if a landlord wants to enter into a tenancy agreement?

When the tenant comes to occupy the house, if the landlord wants to enter into a tenancy agreement, here is the procedure.

First of all, the house owner will go to the lawyer and inform the lawyer that he wants to rent his house, so the lawyer will ask both of them for their conditions and prepare a rental agreement.

After that, the signature of both the parties will be taken in the rental agreement 

After that the signature of two witnesses will be taken

Now the rental agreement will be sent for lottery and the agreement will be notarized 

Thus the rental agreement is done with a lawyer 

Special Note: Here the landlord has to keep in mind that the rent deed has no legal value without notarization.

Is it necessary to make the rent agreement in the name of both the husband and wife or it will work if it is in the name of one person?

Let us clarify here that the rent agreement is valid if it is made in the name of one person, it is not necessary to make the rent in the name of both husband and wife. Also, if your child has gone to study somewhere outside the village and they are playing with four or five friends, then each of them should have a separate rental agreement.

What happens if a house owner does not want to rent the house to people who want to live in and rent the house fraudulently?

Realizing such a matter, immediately the owner of the house can cancel the contract from him and vacate the house and also he can be booked for renting the house by showing false evidence and there is a provision of imprisonment for 7 years.


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What are the things that should be taken care of for rent agreement while renting a house?

The house owner needs to pay special attention to these things.

Tenant gives true evidence and it can be known whether the given evidence is true or false

Two witnesses must be above 18 years of age and not mentally challenged.


Thus, before renting a house here, every house owner should make a rent agreement and the necessary information about the rent agreement is given here.

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