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Make your own Digital Invitation Card like Wedding or Anniversary card and also birthday card on your mobile & invite your guests

Create digital marriage kankotri online in mobile,

Wedding Kankotri: As soon as the season of Na Lagna Muhurta starts for this year, families with weddings are seen in the bazaars for Kankotris of advanced pattern and price, in the wedding occasion we have Kankotri in family and relatives and circle of friends. It has been a custom since ancient times to invite them to come to the wedding, which we are continuing according to this custom. Many people are invited by the married family by going to their house and giving Kankotri to them, while many people are informed by phone and many relatives are invited by sending invitation cards on mobile phones, WhatsApp messages with Kankotri, by which means a person invites. Rather than giving, it is important to know how the invitation is given, many people are pushing and inviting at home from far away, but they have the same feeling in their mind that for the sake of what they have said, it is good if they come and if this comes. Better,
Therefore, everyone should never think that if they come home and give an invitation, they will not go to the wedding, otherwise the relationship will deteriorate instead of improving. Had to go.

Digital Wedding Kankotri:

Nowadays it is the world of internet, people are using technology more and more, now far and away the place of allocating time for housework is the place of allocating time for housework at the time of marriage. It is imperative to send, during the time of Kovid, many families did not invite their personal relatives to the wedding and even if they were called for the wedding, the relatives were not willing to come because everyone’s life is precious and no one is afraid of getting Kovid infection. Not engaged and not even in personal marriage, so nowadays technology should be used a lot and most of the people should practice sending digital kankotri sitting at home with mobile, which goes face to face where personal loved ones are but where phone and mobile By giving kankotri in WhatsApp should be practiced,Many bureaucrats are sending invitations to their bureaucratic staff through online digital concotri, even though they have given invitations in person at all places, so now when the wedding starts, everyone who has a wedding at home or relatives and who has a digital wedding. Here is the information for making online digital Kankotri which is especially useful for those who need to make Kankotri. 
How to make digital Kankotri?
Here is useful information for all people who have or are going to get married this year at their home, they can make Kankotri online and send invitations to their loved ones, the most popular and most downloaded online digital Kankotri mobile application is placed here. Which you can download and make Kankotri in modern patterns with various designs is absolutely free.
Features of Digital Kankotri App:
Currently there are many types of kankotri app working on play store with which you can create kankotri online in many new designs but the digital kankotri mobile app provided here is the easiest to create kankotri online, you can choose kankotri with many types of new designs. Yes, in Kankotri, there is a facility to change fonts and fonts, and an attractive look is provided, which will make you want to read and watch.
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As the wedding season begins, the necessary information on how to make digital Kankotri online and the most popular mobile application Digital Kankotri App is given here.
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