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Learn to speak English at home, duolingo app, now you don’t need to go to classes to learn English, you can easily learn it at home with the help of this duolingo app..

Very useful information for speaking, reading, writing English: .

Friends nowadays we have to face English language everywhere, even in daily life we ​​use many English words, also in every school students are taught English, English is a very simple language. We have been hearing this from our school teachers till date and the students who go to school must be hearing this now, but many people have a lot of difficulty in reading and writing English and those who can read and write have difficulty in speaking. We have brought here solutions to all these questions.

A useful mobile application for learning English

Now you don’t need to go to classes to learn English, you can easily learn it at home with the help of this duolingo app.

Nowadays many classics are working for spoken English and many people go there to learn English but by regularly following the information given here, now a person will not need to go to separate classes to learn English just sitting at home for some time regularly. You can easily learn English at home or improve your vocabulary if you already know English. Here is an English mobile application which has been successful in teaching English to every small and big people and it has more than 120 million users in the world, yes friends this application is for learning to write, read and speak English. Samaya is a very popular platform and is getting very successful results, so let’s know a little more about this app.

Duolingo app

Duolingo English app is the most popular platform for learning English these days. In this app, different steps are given from the beginning to learn to speak English vocabulary in a very easy to understand way. Many people in the world are using this app widely to learn English, so why should we lag behind and also this app has been given a place in play store by Google, so it is very safe to download it, here let us tell you that this How to use the app.

How to use the Duolingo app? .

A link will be provided at the end of the article to download this mobile application through which you can download it directly from play store.

1. Open the app after downloading and you will be asked the language.

2. This app is useful for learning different types of world language, so there will be many language options in it, you want to learn English language, so select English here.

3. Now all the details will open in front of you in English.

4. In which you will be asked to fill your required details to create a profile which is created.

5.Now the application will take you to a page for the test where you will be asked some general questions and complete the test by answering them.

6. Now this app will save your profile and save your daily work in it and as you learn English new information nine word groups will open in front of you with which you will start learning English at the next level.

How to download Duolingo app?.

The link to download this app will be given below after the completion of the article through which you can directly download this app. Touching this link will take you to the home page of duolingo app on play store where you can download this application by touching the install button.

Important link

Download Dictionary Pdf from Here


ઘરે બેઠા અંગ્રેજી શીખવા માટે આ duolingo app ડાઉનલોડ કરો


Here the necessary information is given to learn English language easily and also the features of duolingo app and the necessary information about the easy way to learn English at home is given here. 

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