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New cereal technology provides label and allergen information to blind shoppers

Kellogg’s has introduced that it will roll out information on its cereal cans that allows consumers with vision loss to access labels and allergen information.

The event follows a profitable Kellogg’s Cocoa Pops trial over the past 12 months in partnership with Co-op.

A pilot analysis by the Royal Nationwide Institute of Blind Individuals (RNIB) found that 97% of members wanted to see additional accessibility options on grocery packaging.

Starting in 2022, the cereal company will replace all of its cereal packaging, with a primary accessible compartment of Special OK to arrive in cabinet in January.

This technique, known as NaviLens, involves contrasting colored squares on a black background.

NaviLens allows the smartphone to select a code from a distance of three meters. Customers do not need to know where the code is placed to scan it.

The consumer can learn the ingredient, allergen and recyclable information aloud.

Chris Silkock, head of Kellogg’s UK, emphasized that everyone should be able to enter important and useful information about the food the company sells.

“We all know it’s important that every single packaging is accessible to the visually impaired community to make buying easier, so we’ll be sharing our experience with other manufacturers who need to study more,” he said. .

RNIB’s Mark Powell described the transfer as a “game changer” inside the world of packaging.

“Required information on packaging can usually be in very small print, making it difficult or incomprehensible for the visually impaired to read. Such modifications can provide very important information for the first time to blind and partially sighted people, providing us with the same freedom, independence and selection as customers with vision,” he said.

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